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me tryin’ to get my life together

Nothing as ever been more accurate

this is the best thing i’ve ever seen


What movie is this

Stuck in love




Me and my husband making our way to the buffet line

Crying at that caption

that caption tho

i’m laughing in class help me



they made it. our five perfect boys from melbourne are following their dreams and i honestly could not be more proud of them. From sitting on a park bench answering fan questions with a little camera, to touring the fucking world. Through the ups and the downs, our boys has stayed as themselves and has not let the fame change them and to me that’s fucking amazing. If any of the boys are reading this, we are so proud of you. You boys have come so far in just a short time. You continue to make us smile through your tweets and keeks and of course your videos. Thank you for being the best idols in the world. We love you so much. We will always be here to stand by you boys, even in the end. Love you guys, and thank you for everything you do for us. Keep living your dreams and remember, dogs are gonna bark ;)

-  janoskianators 

this fucking hurTS